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Are you tired of picking-up toys multiple times a day?

Is your once-beautiful home now a storage area for your kids?

Is your child's playroom/bedroom a disaster area?

If you answered a resounding "YES!" to any of these questions, send us an SOS and help will be on the way! Our specialist can not only create child-friendly spaces with new or repurposed materials you have on hand, but also guide you on how to encourage your child(ren) to put AWAY all their toys after using them (so you don’t have to)!




Menu of customizable options to choose from including:

  • Development of child-friendly areas within the home using new or existing furniture & toys

  • Redesign of child-friendly areas (playroom/bedroom) for better flow & engagement

  • Organization of toys into monthly, rotatable bundles for you, your caregiver or your specialist

  • Guidance on how to train your child to use one activity at a time and clean-up by himself

  • Culling out of toys that are broken or out grown

  • Organization of toy storage area

  • Cleaning/disinfecting of toys

  • Management tools to help maintain LASTING order in your home


Restoring Order

Wish you could reclaim your home from mess, clutter and ALL THOSE TOYS?

Let us help you, your child(ren) and your environment by RESTORING ORDER


Wondering how to support your  child's independence at home while offering them fun activities that focus on skill building?

Let us MONTESSORIFY your space!

Peaceful Home

Are you ready for smooth morning transitions and nighttime routines that

work? Let us help you create a


Restoring order
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To “Montessorify” your home is one of the most holistic and practical investments you can easily make for your child’s development.  Our design Specialist will help create beautiful and functional areas within your home with engaging activities that foster independence, support continuous brain development, and nurture healthy habits. This is perfect for families who want to provide their child/children with purposeful activities in-home that directly supports their natural desire for independence and real life experiences.



Menu of customizable options to choose from including:


  • Creation of child-inclusive areas within the home using new or existing furniture


  • Age-appropriate learning activities

  • Cooperation and communication with child's Montessori school teacher (if enrolled)

  • Bi-weekly or Monthly rotation of materials by specialist

  • Step-by-step printed instructions on how to use activities

  • A Montessori trained specialist to work with your child in your home



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Peaceful Home


The concept of a Peaceful Home looks different for each family. Let us come alongside you during those particularly difficult periods of life when you know something needs to change. We are here to support you and your children and to create harmony in your environment. From trying to understand your child's behavior or supporting positive sibling relationships to creating a new morning routine that has your child dressed, fed and ready for school at a certain time, we are here for you!



  • Cooperation and communication with child's Montessori school teacher (if enrolled)

  • In-home observation of the child/children and family

  • Plan-of-action

  • Age-appropriate child development resources




“Peace is what every human being is craving for, and it can be brought about by humanity through the child.” - Dr. Maria Montessori

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