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5 tips on Transitioning Your Children (And You!) Back to School After Break:

Feeling exhausted from the holidays? So are your children!

Here are 5 simple ways to support your children's transition back to school after the holidays!

1. SLEEEEEP! During the break everyone has altered sleep routines, stayed up late for family events and none of it has been consistent! Remember that children ages 3-5 need 10-13 hours of sleep each day, so plan your evening so that they make it to bed a little earlier in those first few days back to school – then you can too!!

2. EAT A HEALTHY BREAKFAST! We also ate cookies and pie for breakfast once (or twice!) during the holidays, but we (and your children) can only survive on sugar energy for so long! Fix a nutritionally dense breakfasts for your children as they make their way back to school, giving them proteins and vitamins that will last through the morning – think eggs, fruit, or even better – a green smoothie!

3. ALLOW TIME FOR ROUTINES! Everyone is moving a little slower that first week back – and no one wants to be rushed out the door in the morning! Support your children’s routine in the by moving through each step together (if you can) or reviewing it the evening before so it’s fresh.

4. GET ORGANIZED! We’re not saying take down the decorations or anything, but finding a new place for all those new presents and tidying up your home environment will go a long way towards helping you and you and your children relax with the feeling that the holidays are coming to an end.

5. GO OUTSIDE! Let your children play outdoors in the evenings. Even a walk around the block is has its benefits, even if it's freezing. It will expel energy and refresh their spirit!!

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