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In-home Services

Q: What are the prices for in-home services? How long will each service take?

A: We pride ourselves on efficiency, but it depends on your situation and what you want accomplished. If you would like a customized quote on the Montessorify service - please fill out this form. For quotes on other services, please contact us.

Q: My child is not enrolled in a Montessori school, is that a problem?

A: Not a problem! Our services are perfect for any family committed to making a change. Children enrolled in a Montessori program tend to respond faster to changes made within the home simply because it is consistent with their experiences in the classroom.

Q: What are we responsible for regarding the activities & materials in the Montessorify service?

A: The Golden Beads provides all materials needed for the Montessorify service. You may also have items in your home that can be repurposed, giving you the ability to keep it in the rotation longer. Equipment belonging to The Golden Beads is collected at the end of each month and replaced with new activities.  All materials brought into the home are available for purchase at any time.

Q: What makes a Golden Beads Specialist qualified?

A: Each of our Specialists have undergone a background check, are Montessori certified from an accredited institution and have years of classroom teaching experience. Our team members undergo extensive child-development training and have worked with parents, just like you, in a variety of life situations. We are passionate about creating harmony within the home by preparing beautiful, child-inclusive environments and working together with families to problem solve. We operate from a Montessori viewpoint according to age and stage of development. References are available upon request.

Q: What if the Specialist is not able to help us have a "Peaceful Home?" Will we still have to pay for their services?

A: If your Specialist determines they are unable to help you with your situation under the "Peaceful Home"option, you will be referred to a professional that may be more able to assist you.  Our Specialists are not medical professionals, and do not diagnose/treat behaviors or prescribe medication. Specialists create action plans in partnership with families as well as provide guidance. You are ultimately responsible for the execution of the plan and results may vary. You will be responsible for the amount listed in your Service Agreement.

Q: What kinds of problems do you address in the "Peaceful Home" service?

A: Our Specialists have helped families find solutions to many types of situations and challenges that arise in everyday life with children! Here are some requests we've received:

  • I need help with my picky eater!

  • How do I get my child to LISTEN without me yelling?

  • We're late to school EVERY DAY - HELP!!!

  • My child refuses to get ready for bed when I tell her to.

  • What school is the best fit for my preschooler?

  • My older child is being mean to my youngest - HELP!!!

  • I want the "slow life" for my family, but we're so busy!

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