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"We shall walk together on this path of life,

for all things are part of the universe

and are connected with each other

to form one whole unity.”

 - Dr. Maria Montessori was created for all things Montessori-inspired!

Whether you are a looking for in-home services, a special gift for a Montessori teacher or supportive material extensions for your classroom you've come to the right place!


Giving Back

The Golden Beads is committed to the development of Montessori education in both the slums and the bush of East Africa (as pictured above) by financially supporting the programs of Break The Cycle Global (BTCG).


BTCG, a 501(c)3, is an organization that uses a holistic approach to build strong relationships and trust- creating self sustaining, Christ-centered communities in East Africa where its citizens move from surviving to THRIVING! Learn more about BTCG HERE


Currently, The Golden Beads participates in the BTCG $1 a day club program which provides VERY needy children (many orphans) with food, clothing, Montessori education and medical assistance. (That's pretty spectacular for just $1 a day for 24 months!!) But in 2020 The Golden Beads is called to do more, and you can come alongside us to be part of the story!


A portion of EVERY purchase of our handcrafted gifts will go directly towards:


  • Montessori teacher training and development. As of January 2020, donations are being directed to fund teacher certification for Ms. Steria who will guide students in a remote Samburu village. (See above for pictures of her!)

  • furnishing classroom materials and supplies. The Golden Beads has already been able to purchase and donate some Montessori materials which are being delivered in someone's suitcase! (See pic of materials going to Mathare above!)

Regardless whether you shop with us today or not, you can ALWAYS make a recurring or one time donation to this incredibly worthy organization HERE.

Preventing conflicts is the work of politics: establishing peace is the work of education.”

                                                                                                                                   - Dr. Maria Montessori

Giving Back
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